Brooke & Michael • Owensboro Engagement Photography

February 11, 2015  •  1 Comment

I loved meeting this couple! We went to downtown Owensboro for our shoot and they were open to starting later in the day so we could have some fun after the sun set (even though it was ridiculously chilly)! My absolute favorite part of the photography world is playing with light, so this couple was perfect to work with! They hardly judged me as I ran around like a crazy lady throwing lights around... I think the highlight was trying to direct them from outside through a window while they were inside the building three floors above me.  

Since wedding days are so rushed, engagement sessions become the perfect opportunity to experiment with new lights and try new things, and this couple was totally down for it. I hope they think it was worth it! I absolutely loved this shoot and can not wait to spend their wedding day with them! 


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