Beauty Portraiture FAQ



​I want my images to remain completely private, but I see that you share images online. Is that required?

- Any image that you see online is only posted because I have the permission. Our contract ensures your safety and has different levels of privacy you can choose. I take great pride in ensuring my client's absolute privacy and keeping things as comfortable as possible for them. 


What type of "retouches" do you do?

- I have learned to pose your body in the most flattering ways. This is why I do not do any type of body shaping, or "delete about 15 lbs off"-ing  in photoshop. However, I will remove blemishes, temporary scars, and do some basic skin-smoothing (cellulite, etc). During our consultation we will discuss how much retouching you are comfortable with.


I am not as young and thin as the girls I see on your page… Should I even…?

- Let me stop you right there. Keep in mind, I ONLY show images that I get permission to share. That definitely doesn't mean that I've only had sessions with the young and thin. As an ulta-curvy lady myself, I can tell you right now that EVERY age and shape photograph beautifully. Don't forget, I'll know just what to do to get you looking your best. Stop putting it off in hopes of losing that last ten pounds -  It's time to show off your beauty as you are! Book one now and then another if you lose the weight!


Do you provide the outfits?

- We do have some products such as accessories, bodysuits, chemises, robes, etc. We do not provide underwear/sets because of sanitary reasons. Any studio piece that has a bottom (such as bodysuits) must be worn with a pantyliner (and will be washed after every session it is worn). You should not rely solely on our studio wardrobe! I will provide you with a guide that will help you pick out the very best pieces for your shoot! Keep in mind you can be as clothed or "bare" as you feel comfortable.


Can I bring a friend?

- If this is what makes you feel the most comfortable, it is permitted to bring one friend. However, during the session itself your friend will be asked to remain in the salesroom (which is open to the studio). Both the photographer and the subject will always work better together if there are no extra eyes.


Who will be at my session?

- For most shoots, I will have a female assistant present.  The only other people that may be present is a female hair/make-up artist (if applicable). 


For more information/Pricing, check out our "About Beauty Portraiture" page.